Article 2, paragraph 6 of Italian law no. 447 of 26 October 1995 “Framework law on noise pollution” defines the “Technician Competent in Environmental Noise” as a figure qualified to perform measurement, control and remediation of noise pollution in external and residential environments. Ambiente Analisi performs noise measurements in accordance with D.M. (Ministerial Decree) 16 March 1998 and prepares the relative documentation required in the various specific environments.

Framework Law 447/95 stipulates that projects subject to an environmental impact assessment must be prepared in consideration of the need to protect communities affected by the noise pollution. Where required by the Framework Law, those who own or hold the rights to the project or works must prepare a noise impact document with regard to the performance, modification or upgrading of the works themselves.
In order to obtain the relative building permits, licenses or authorisations to operate stipulated by the Framework Law, appropriate documentation must be prepared beforehand hypothesising the noise impact that the works will have on the surrounding environment. The objective is to establish whether it will be possible to comply with the legal limits with the addition of the new activity in the environmental context.

For new constructions and/or modifications in residential environments, a provisional calculation of the passive acoustic requirements for the buildings must be submitted in accordance with D.P.C.M. (Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers) of 5 December 1997. In accordance with the UNI EN ISO 12354:2017 and UNI EN ISO 717:2013 standards, the following are calculated and assessed:

  • soundproofing capacity, to assess the insulation against airborne noise between the different property units;
  • acoustic insulation of the façade, to assess the insulation against external noise;
  • level of foot traffic noise, to assess the insulation against foot traffic noise.

On-site testing services to check the passive acoustic requirements for the buildings in relation to Law 447/95 and the relative enactment Decree, D.P.C.M. of 5 December 1997, which defines the limits to be respected with regard to the:
  • acoustic insulation of the façade;
  • soundproofing capacity of the horizontal and vertical dividing elements;
  • level of sound pressure from foot traffic on floors;
  • maximum level of sound pressure for plants in continuous and non-continuous operation.